Glory to Jehovah God! Through HIS excellently, flawless goodness HE is em-powering me to

sing HIS praise! In the beginning it was truly, truly a huge challenge! Nevertheless, in the face

of adversity, GOD's been teaching me how to depend on HIS grace. There has been much tears

and alot of effort on my path. I sometimes have to go to the music studio after work which means

my days would be very, very long. It's my first time of singing with any music, let alone going to

a music studio. This was one of my greatest fear, singing with music... God is exceedingly good!

Alot of emotions, love, and prayer have gone into this project! Every song itself has been borne

out of sweet fellowship with my AMAZING Father ABBA GOD... Mr Fabulous HOLY Spirit...

and the truly AWESOME Yeshua...many, many Thanks!

The producer, Mr Stu has been a big, big help to me. Thanks Stu!

Come with me...let us be ABBA's worship!
I'm Wee, son of YAHWEH

Copyright Wee Brown 2018